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Is This You?

You feel lost and are thinking about your future – trying to make sense of what comes next?

You lay awake, your mind racing ahead, at 3 am thinking, “Why am I doing this? Is this all there is? My life isn’t what I thought it would be, and time is running out; I feel I’m stuck in a rut & don’t know how to get out of it?”

You’re feeling bored and burnt out.

You want a new challenge and direction – to feel like you are doing something with your time and life?

You need to earn a living. Your pension is not enough to sustain you, but you want to do something for your-self that has value, meaning and purpose.

You long for it to be different somehow, take the next step, but you’re not sure what that next step is?

You wish to live life to the full each day. Not exist!

You Want To Stop Existing And Start Living (again)!

You want to sleep soundly instead of waking up at 3 am worrying about your future?

You want to find out who you are? What you want and how you can practically and logically design and create the life you really want.

You want to feel excited and engaged to spend time doing something that’s important to you and passionate about?

You want to feel like you are doing something with your time and your life? Something you love and can make a living from?

You want it to be different, be curious and have the confidence to experience and try new things you’ve never done before?

Because What If Your Life Could Be Different?

What vision do you have for your future?

What interests do you want to pursue? What do you really want to do with the time you have been allotted on this earth?

Your vision is your starting point. It’s where you engage your thinking about what is possible for you. A compelling personal vision creates the passion that you are emotionally connected to.

Research has shown that the more accurately and clearly we describe the future we desire, the more likely it will happen.

"Pay attention to your deepest desires. What get’s you excited? What’s appealing? What motivates you? What do you find romantic? What do you find interesting? Then, explore in relation to your talents, skills and background. But that’s not usually the restriction. The restriction is people don’t allow themselves to dream. So, follow your desires, trust them."
Father James Martin, American Jesuit Priest
In Good Company: The Fast Track from the Corperate World to Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience"

I Can Help

Hi, I’m Gary Hall. I’m a reinvention coach I work with men and women who realise their life, or some part of it isn’t working anymore, are thinking about their future and want change, supporting them to be more: happy, fulfilled, confident, excited, engaged, positive, active, passionate, themselves.

I am a qualified and experienced coach with all the skills and knowledge to help change your view of your life & bust the myths that may have held you back.

I will inspire, motivate, and challenge you, and you will leave our sessions with a clear idea of your next steps. You will get encouragement. You will have the confidence, support and accountability to succeed and create the life you love.

What To Do Next?

Let’s have a chat – and see how we can work together. Book a 30-minute zoom call to answer your questions. If all this call did was to inspire to take action would it be worth it?

The Outcome     

The next chapter of your life is going to be different. I promise.

Be more: Yourself, Happy, Confident, Fulfilled, Positive, Socialise, Travel, Hobby, Interests Energy, Passion, Love, Connection

What will you do with the next 20 years of your life?

Start your journey...

The wonderful thing about reinvention coaching is that the results are unique every time. It’s all about discovering who and where you are in your life.

More importantly, it’s about planning and creating where you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to have in the future.

This free evaluation is designed to help you take the first step towards living the life you want: knowing that you want to change your life.

It’s an opportunity for you to reflect. To spend a few moments searching your heart for how you truly feel. To contemplate what making some changes could mean for you and the next 20 years of your life.

What people Say

The reinvention coach helping bored burnt-out people reinvent their future with no apologies or regrets.

Holding us back

You know, sometimes we don’t know what is holding us back. Yet, these hurdles are often with us our entire lives, and it’s not until we spend time identifying them that we can overcome them.

When was the last time you learnt something new? Did something fun? Or just because you could? It’s easy to get caught up in routine, the wash, spin, dry, and repeat of life, being busy for the sake of being busy; we forget to set aside time for ourselves. So time passes – and you can’t get it back.

And, suddenly, we realise that this isn’t what we intended our life to be, and we want to change. To reinvent our-self. Maybe you have been doing the same job for 10, 20, 30 years and believe you are too set in your ways, and it’s too late…

Old set in your ways belief:

It's too late ...

New set in your ways belief:

It's never too late to reinvent your life ...

Fear it's too late?

You are never too late to reinvent your life; I know because I did it at the age of 64. And my oldest client was 76 when he decided to reinvent himself – for the eighth time!

What do you want to be remembered for? What legacy do you want to leave behind? When I asked one of my clients, this his eyes welled up and replied, “I wouldn’t even be missed”. It doesn’t have to be like this.

All you need to do is know that you want to change your life.

What would your life be like if you were confident enough to change it? What if you spent your time doing something you were passionate about? What if you were happy?

Every time you take action, you move one step closer to your reinvented life. Together we’ll find out what drives your need for change. Create an action plan to carry you forward to the life you want. And I’m here to help you do that and live the life you want courageously with purpose.

" What would your life be like 20 years from now? What would you have loved to of accomplished in that period?"
Gary Hall
Reinvention coach

My coaching style

Each session begins with a conversation about how you, the client, and I will work together in that session, what you would like to get out of the session, how you will know when you are making progress and a reminder of the basic rules around coaching. You can check them out here.

You will be encouraged to identify small steps (and sometimes giant leaps) in the direction you wish to head. You will always leave our sessions with a clear idea of your next steps. This approach ensures that you will have the confidence, support and accountability to succeed.

C.R.E.A.T.E. programme

My CREATE programme will help you to reassess and get back on track. To discover a new direction and focus on what is really important to you and your future. There is no mysterious magical method; this is a practical six-part step-by-step process. It’s easy in its approach, It’s fun, and it will change your life for the better. You can find out more here.

Create your future poster Gary Hall coaching

Why choose me

I’ve been around coaching and personal development for the best part of 20 years, and I have learned my craft well. Qualified Life Coach (Personal Performance Diploma) from The Coaching Academy, affiliated with the International Coaching Federation. DISC personality profile accredited, CPD’s in neuroscience, confidence and reinvention coaching. I have also trained with NLP and am fully Insured.

I help my clients see their world differently

Because when you help someone see their world differently, their world changes. And when their world changes, the people around them change; they act and show up differently, which creates results that looked impossible a moment before.

What hurdles are stopping you?

  • I feel I’m stuck in a rut & I don’t know how to get out of it.
  • Time is flying by & I don’t seem to be doing anything with it.
  • I’ve never thought about my life; I’ve just lived it from one day to the next.
  • I feel selfish for putting myself first.
  • I regret not doing this earlier – I could have lived a very different life.
  • If you had a magic wand and could create the perfect solution to overcome that hurdle what would it be?
  • You don’t have to go through your life hurdles alone. I can help you create the life you want.

If you like what you hear and want to discover more about reinvention coaching and how it could help you

Grab yourself a coffee and let’s have a chat. If all this call did was to inspire you into action would it be worth it?

Book A Free Zoom Call To Learn More

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