From the very beginning, coaching focuses on what you the client want. People come to coaching because they want things to be different. They are looking for a change, or they have an important goal to reach.

People come to coaching for lots of individual reasons. They are motivated to achieve specific goals: write a book, to start a business, to have a healthier body. They come to coaching in order to be more effective or more satisfied at work. They hire a coach because they want to create more order and balance in their lives.

Sometimes people want more from life-more peace of mind, more simplicity, more joy-and sometimes they want less: less confusion, less stress, less financial pressure.

In general, they come to coaching because they want a better quality of life: more fulfillment, better balance, or a different process to accomplish their life desires.

The coach is there while they work on the mechanisms of their life-handing them tools, holding the light, so they can see what needs to be done and have both hands free to do it.

Whatever the individual reason, it all starts with YOU the client.