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What is your Body Language and Image saying about you?

What it doesn’t say can seriously hold you back both personally, professionally and in business

The unattractive image?

UNATTRACTIVE: Characterless, colourless, tasteless, unsightly, dull, plain, displeasing, off putting, uninviting, unpleasant, (oxford dictionary) Do any of these ring true for you and translate into any of those below?  No surprise then that you are getting low referrals, low conversations and low sales.

the Attractive image!

ATTRACTIVE: Captivating, Charming, Endearing, Personable, Magnetic (Oxford Dictionary) Add these attractive traits to your body language toolbox and see your referrals, conversions and sales transform.
⦁ CAPTIVATING – people’s attention-with your non-verbal cues (smiling, making eye contact and other positive body cues).
⦁ CHARMING – Using your new found tone of voice, volume and pitch will keep your audience attentive at networking and public speaking events and a go to person!
⦁ ENDEARING- Paying attention to what isn’t being said, detecting boredom, irritation or enthusiasm and using it to your advantage.
⦁ ENGAGING  – To emphasise and hold a deeper level of conversation through the 5 levels of effective listening.
⦁ PERSONABLE Reflecting and mirroring techniques.
⦁ MAGNETIC – Confidence in your look and dress will get you noticed.
 We remember people who make us feel good and who make us want to be the best version of ourselves
 “I believe that knowledge gives people the ability to maximize their potential and share with others, and model my own teaching on those I hold and respect in high esteem. The workshops and talks I give are enriched with content, stories and experiences and I structure events to inspire participants to act on their ideas, visions and imagination”.
Want to come to one?

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What you will Learn on Workshop

  1. Three elements you master for that killer first impression image
  2. Three dull conversation starters you must never open with
  3. The art of conversation
  4. How to build trust and rapport
  5. Voice tone
  6. Facial expressions
  7. Anti blocking
  8. Reflecting & Mirroring
  9. Power body language and touch
  10. DISC personality profile
  11. Online digital presence
  12. Values and beliefs


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