DISC personality programme


Research has consistently shown that behaviour can be grouped into four main categories that have become known as DISC through the years. Using the DISC system of personality style analysis takes some of the mystery out of everyday behaviour. You can learn more about DISC here.


The DISC personality test analyses your personality and behaviour-both in work and non-work situations. Your report indicates your strengths and possible areas for self-development based on the widely used DISC personality model. Maximize the qualities that will support you in achieving your goals. Minimize or compensate for the qualities that may impede your progress towards your goals.


The report consists of nine chapters and two appendices. These are:


  1. What is DISC
  2. Your DISC score
  3. Your typical behaviour
  4. Your profile
  5. Your organizational value
  6. Tactics & Strategies for increased effectiveness
  7. Career options
  8. The profile most unlike you
  9. Further suggestion


Cost £175.00 this includes a 45-minute meeting to discuss the report.

If you would like to take the test, please contact me to arrange