About Gary

I’m Gary Hall and I believe it’s never too late to reinvent your life.

"What have you done in the past that has inspired you, given you creativity, self-expression and happiness?"

It is funny how someone else can ask a straightforward question that empowers and changes your life in a heartbeat. That is the power of coaching.

That question is what made me realise I wanted to help people be true to themselves and bring out their fun side with no apologies or regrets.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

I decided to become a coach because I have a genuine interest in people. I’m a people person and I’m often told by my clients that they love my friendly, outgoing personality; that I make them feel comfortable and at ease – and transform their life!

I believe that your life can be so much more!

I want to inspire, motivate, and contribute to people’s lives, help them become clear about who and what they want from their one precious life.

I know how much difference reinventing yourself can make to your life because I’ve done it. Several times!

My most recent reinvention

I’ve always wanted to live by the water. So, in 2019, aged 64, I decided to reinvent myself (I did not know it was called reinvention at the time). I sold my flat and moved into a charming house by the canal – I wake every morning to a beautiful view from my bedroom window. 


I wanted more enjoyment from my life, so I have taken up dancing and bought myself an Alfa Romeo sports car – a lifelong dream!  I’ve always been creative and have purchased and learned how to use a sewing machine, and began painting again, creating glossy abstract art.

You can read more about my journey into coaching here.

My values

Knowing our core values helps us live our lives based on what’s important to us. Understanding other people’s values enables us to know whether we’re a good fit. If you’re not sure what yours are, I can help you discover them. Here are mine to help you learn more about me:

  • Inspire
  • Motivate – acknowledgment & encouragement
  • Contribute
  • Creativity – individuality & style
  • Thoughtfulness – caring
  • Friendliness – kindness

Life coaching

I discovered life coaching by being in a long-term relationship with one! When I started dating her, I had no idea what a ‘life coach’ was? After all, I was just a man with a van that fitted kitchens. I taught her how to use a power drill, and she taught me all about life coaching – I’m pretty sure I got the better end of the deal!  She explained how our beliefs and values play a big part in who and what we are and how our upbringing can positively and negatively affect our lives. This was an “Aha” moment for me as I can certainly relate some of my negative beliefs to my childhood.

One day early on in our relationship, she said to me, “Are you going to buy a ticket and join me on this journey, or do I say goodbye to you on the platform?” I wasn’t sure if that was a rather lovely way of telling me it was over or a genuine invitation? Suffice to say, I bought the ticket, and we had a great 12 years of journeying together!

My life outside of coaching

Before I became a life coach, I ran my own businesses from the age of 21, always using my hands from mechanic to kitchen and bedroom designer, manufacturer, and installer with a staff of 12. My business card said, “I give pleasure in the kitchen and satisfaction in the bedroom!” which always raised a laugh!

When I’m not coaching, creating, or socialising, I’m Dad to my 2 wonderful children, Amy and Joe and Grandad to my 4 fantastic grandchildren.

I’ve still got some ambitions to fill. One of them is to have a boat so that I can take my grandchildren out on it. And I’m going to call it: “Nice day out.”

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