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The importance of goals

The dictionary defines goals as: “The aim or objectives which an endeavour is directed and the terminal point of a journey or race.”

When you set goals, you have clear aims and objectives tools which to channel your effort and energy. The journey and race is the journey of life. Your goals are positive statements of intent, well- informed, made with absolute commitment and follow through with daily action.

Most successful people are goal-orientated. They take time to identify what it is that they want and they build up a really clear and detailed picture of what the goal will look and feel like. They then take regular action to move towards their goal. Setting goals gives purpose, focus, direction, and motivation. Do you spend more time planning your annual holiday than you do planning your life?

In his book, The 7 Habits of highly effective people, Stephen R. Covey says,

‘To begin with, the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination. It means to know where you are going so that you better understand where you are now so that  the steps you take are always in the right direction.’

Without goals, you are likely to drift, and when you drift, you are not in control. If you are not in control, then someone else is. You have relinquished your basic right to shape your own future. In doing this, you also surrender your freedom of action which you restrict your choices and can lead to frustration, anxiety, fear, and stress.

As a coach, it is my job and privilege to work with clients to help them take control of their future and set positive, relevant and empowering goals that will improve the quality of their lives forever. They will be able to use and develop the gifts, skills, and talents that they possess to be creative and fulfilled.

So, how committed are you to all your goals? In what ways do you work towards them constantly? Do you remember some of them for a while and then gradually forget them all together? Do you find your goals hard to achieve and get despondent- or are you already a high achieving ‘goal getter’?

Setting effective goals

Different type of Goals

Practical goals; (something tangible you want to achieve)

Lose weight, get a job, learn to speak a foreign language

Having goals; (possessions)

New house, new car, new watch

Being goals: (quality of how you are as a person)

Confident, calm, focused, patient, assertive

Decisions goals; (a decision to be made)

Change job, end a relationship

Coaching sessions; are future focused, outcome focused goal SMART


Goals; are things what clients need to do.

The goal is something a client will need to achieve

An action is something a client will need to do