How coaching works

Step 1- Getting started.

It all starts with a Free, 30-minute discovery call. This gives us both the opportunity to ask some questions and get a sense of each other and see if it is a fit – as coaches, we all have our own unique and individual style and sometimes the fit is not right. Then we can decide if we are a good match and if we want to work together.

Once we have decided that we want to commit to working together, I’ll ask you to make a commitment to a minimum number of sessions. I find that 6 is a good starting point, but I can agree to a single one-off focused session or as few as *3 (I will then give you the cost for these sessions). This structure allows us both to settle into the work and be more productive. You are making a commitment to yourself. You are giving yourself a realistic amount of time to unpick what has brought you to reinvention coaching and to begin to experience the benefits.

The frequency of the sessions depends on your priorities and desired rate of progress. I offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly calls in the daytime or evening.

I will send you my standard contract, terms conditions together with payment terms – all sessions are paid in advance and can be structured around a payment plan. We will diarise your sessions.

Once payment is received, I will forward you a **DISC personality profile to be completed online together with other various pieces of homework to be completed before our first session – intake session and DISC.

Step 2 – Intake session and DISC analysis

The intake session will last 90 minutes, and we will cover the following; Discuss the analysis of your DISC personality profile – Homework review. Manage expectations, your commitment, what is expected of you to be coached, what you can expect from me as your coach, how you wish to be coached, timing, frequency, any questions you may have. Discuss your next session.

Step 3 -The sessions

As the client, you set the agenda of what you want to discuss.

Coaching comes from the premise that people are whole and resourceful and make the best choice they can at the time. A person always makes the best choice they can, given their map of the world. The choice may be self-defeating, bizarre, but for them, it seems the best way forward. Give people a better choice and they will take it. Even better, give them a superior map with more choices in it.

As a coach, I help you create more choices that lead to better outcomes. 


I use Zoom video calls but can be flexible with others (skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, standard mobile call). Calls will last 60 minutes.

The top 3 benefits you will get are…

Insight Clarity Action


Sometimes we don’t know what’s holding us back. These hurdles are often with us our entire lives, and it’s not until we spend time identifying them that we can overcome them. We are often caught up in our own stories and internal self-talk. So, it can be beneficial for someone outside of our sphere to hear these stories offer us insight in a non-judgement way into our patterns, unhelpful habits and negative beliefs.

Add to this my experience in asking just the right question at the right moment, maybe raising your awareness, bringing something that was in your blind spot and shining a light on it can produce an “aha moment.” To give you clarity of your current life and the future you want.  


What do you want to be? Or maybe you are asking yourself, who am I? Reinventing your identity and discovering who and what you could become will give you clarity, empowerment and purpose.  I will provide you with the space, support and tools to create it. Together, we will design the future you want.


Here’s where you start to make a difference. Right from the first session, we will identify ‘following actions’ together. Sometimes these will be small steps and sometimes great leaps forward.

After each session, You will begin to take the steps necessary to cope with the changes you are experiencing on your reinvention journey. We will establish your priorities and realistic timescales. Most of all, you will begin to make the changes necessary to achieve the future you desire.

* Not CREATE programme

** DISC is not included in a single one-off focused session

I Can Help

Hi, I’m Gary Hall. I’m a reinvention coach I work with men and women who are in their 50’s and beyond and realise their life, or some part of it isn’t what they intended it to be, are thinking about their future and want change, supporting them to be more: happy, fulfilled, confident, social, adventurous, positive, active, passionate, themselves.

I am a qualified and experienced coach with all the skills and knowledge to help change your view of your life & bust the myths that may have held you back.

I will inspire, motivate, and challenge you, and you will leave our sessions with a clear idea of your next steps. You will get encouragement. You will have the confidence, support and accountability to succeed and create the life you love.

What To Do Next?

Let’s have a chat – and see how we can work together. Book a 30-minute zoom call to answer your questions. If all this call did was to inspire to take action would it be worth it?

The Outcome     

The next chapter of your life is going to be different. I promise.

If you like what you hear and want to discover more about reinvention coaching and how it could help you

Grab yourself a coffee and let’s have a chat. If all this call did was to inspire you into action would it be worth it?

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