My rules for coaching

Every coach is different. Here is a collection of the questions I’m often asked.

If you have other questions, then please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

How long are your coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions vary depending on the programme you’ve signed up to.

  • Midlifers self-reflection evaluation is 90-minutes long.
  • Discovery sessions are 45-minutes long.
  • CREATE sessions are 90-minutes long.
  • The intake session I run at the start of the Discovery and CREATE programmes is 90-minutes long.

I also offer 45-minute coaching sessions outside of the above programmes.


How often should I expect to have coaching sessions?

The frequency of your sessions depends on what you would like. I offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly coaching sessions.


How much do you charge?

My prices are published on my services pages.


I don’t like video calls. Could I have my coaching over the phone instead?

Yes, we can arrange to have mobile telephone calls.


Do you offer face-to-face/ in-person coaching?

I am very happy to do face-to-face coaching so long as government guidance permits it.


I would also ask you to rearrange our meeting or switch it to an online session if you are feeling unwell or have a positive LFT result. I will likewise do the same.


What are your qualifications?

I hold a diploma (PPD) with the TCA (The coaching academy) and have undertaken NLP training. I also have CPDs in confidence, reinvention and neuroscience. And I am fully insured.


Do you follow a code of ethics?

Yes, I do. I follow the code of conduct as agreed by The Coaching Academy. You can read the code of ethics here.


What is your coaching style?

have a creative, fluid coaching approach. I’m not the type of coach who uses blue sky jargon, long, meaningful descriptions or complex analysis to explain something that can be described in one sentence or even one word.


I use two coaching models when working – the GROW model and the CLEAR model.

The GROW model is goal orientated and action-based, so in each session, you will be encouraged to identify steps in the direction you wish to head. As a result, you will always leave our sessions with a clear idea of your next steps. In addition, this approach ensures that you have more than just a supportive environment to gain insight.

The CLEAR model is designed to help individuals achieve transformational change (lasting and fundamental change based on new values, behaviours and beliefs) as opposed to helping them achieve their goal like the GROW models through solution-focused coaching. Instead, it is focused on a better understanding of your-self and how you react to the world and the people around you.


What happens if I have to stop my coaching?

We have a discovery call to make sure you’re ready for coaching and that we’re a good fit. For this reason, I do not offer refunds on part-taken coaching programmes.

If you have to pause coaching due to illness or an unexpected event, then I will absolutely do everything in my power to support you and will be there for you when you are ready to return to your coaching journey.


Why do you hold intake sessions? I want to start asap!

The intake session is an important meeting where we get to know each other better and where I can explain more about the coaching process.

As a coach and coachee, we have a responsibility to one another, and I use the intake session to explain these responsibilities. We also discuss the logistics of working with one another and the boundaries, such as confidentiality and trust.


I want to do something. I’m not sure what.

In that case, the best thing to do is for us to have a chat. So book a call using the link below, and I’ll be happy to talk through how I work and how I may be able to help you.

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