You may have come here looking for solutions to some very real problems. Or you may have opened this site as an idle traveller passing through. Before long you will have realized that this site has no intention of solving your problems, after all from a coaching perspective you have all the answers and are the expert on your life, not me! All I am doing and interested in is providing tools for your transformation by raising your awareness.

From what to what I hear you ask? From a person who meets the challenges life serves up, to one who designs the stage on which his or her life plays out; from a single note to a long line, from partial to full expression, from the I to the WE.

How? By the same route that musicians take to get to the Albert Hall – through practice. Choose the practices that express your-self; they will keep you in the boat. They will shape your voice as a unique contribution to us all. You can turn your attention away from the onslaught of circumstances and the victim mindset and listen for the music of your being; then launch yourself as a long line and a contribution to the World.

Over the course of your life, you may have redrawn, your picture of the world. Being an “adult” may now seem like quite a different vista. Perhaps it brings to mind the artist, a person like yourself who affirms that he is living in a story, your story, one which you are the author and are in control of, and, as with all story’s you can change and reinvent the script!

Remember how we used to dream as children of the freedom and power of being grown-up, and somehow the dream vanished along the way, and we were energized only here and there by a job well done, a spirited gathering or an occasional week in the sun? Now that we know it’s all Invented let’s revise this story, let’s just say that somewhere along the journey we carried too much, or slipped too often, or heard too many voices in our head, and wandered off the track. The possibility we saw so clearly as children got lost in the Downward Spiral with all its joys and sorrows, triumphs and losses. And in that process we forgot who we were or what we wanted to be, have and do!

Observe and be present in this day, these people in your life, a baby’s cry an upcoming meeting a door shut in your face suddenly seem neither good nor bad, it’s just how it is.