Coaching is about supporting individuals to create clarity and realise the potential within themselves. A coach walks alongside the client through the journey that they are taking, helping to create manageable actions to move towards their overall goal.

It aids getting from A-B perhaps quicker than you would on your own by asking pertinent questions and coaching models that have a certain amount of simplicity attached to them.

My job as a coach is to facilitate a goal-driven journey with the client. It is one of mutual respect. The coach’s role is to make sure that the client is completely responsible for their own outcome and to help them recognise that they have all the answers and resources to succeed. They are the expert in their life, not the coach.

The agenda of the coaching sessions are entirely up to the client. The coach will not instruct the client in any way shape or form in terms of what he thinks the client should be working on or how they should be approaching things or what they could be doing in order to be successful. That will all be coming from the client.

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My strategy is simple and based on three elements to knowing what you want:

  • Know your present situation – where you are now.
  • Know your desired situation – where you want to be.
  • Plan your strategy- the roadmap, how to get from one to the other, using the resources you have or creating new ones.

I do this through a unique, tailored programme designed for you to explore the outcomes you want – what you want. Inspire you to achieve your dreams and ambitions. That will empower you with the confidence, mindset, and skills to become motivated and effective in achieving your life goals. Explore your values and what’s most important to you, enquire into what’s holding you back by challenging your self-limiting beliefs? Contribute and plan to the part of your life you want to change.

Coaching programmes

I offer different programmes in alignment with my ‘coaching challenge’ results. You can take that challenge here. The results can be an indicator of areas where you need to focus on to increase your confidence. 

  • Confident discovery – zoom call or telephone call – 2hrs.
  • Confident discovery plus – 2 hr call + additional ongoing coaching sessions as required.
  • Sharpen your confidence – 4/6 week course focusing on a single area of your life to boost your confidence.
  • In-Depth confidence – 3-month program focusing on 2/3 different areas of your life to work on.
  • Intensive – Deep inner work to develop more confidence, this program is 3/6 months that covers a whole range of areas of your life. 
  • All programmes are 1-1 call on a weekly basis throughout the program on Zoom or telephone.
  • All come with Email, a variety of worksheets and support.

What price do you put on to design the life you want?

People ask me the cost before asking themselves the cost and the price they have to pay for not living the life they want.

A weekend trip away would not be dissimilar in cost to the time working with me (as a comparison my “sharpen your confidence” programme). After the trip, the difference is that it’s just a distant memory; the tools and strategies I will be giving you will last a lifetime. And will change you forever.

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” – Warren Buffett.