10 Signs you need a life coach

HUFFPOST by Alexis Meads contributor, professional dating coach

You’ve probably had a coach at some point.

Maybe it was for your football, gymnastics, swimming, or violin practice.

They teach you new skills, hold you accountable, make you a better person, and (hopefully) are a super supportive mentor.

Then you grow up and suddenly are out on our own. Some of you may be lucky enough to have supportive family and friends, but they’re not going to tirelessly listen to your problems or hold you accountable to learn new skills.

Then you grow up and suddenly are out on our own.

So you settle for less than you deserve in your career, love life, and all around happiness.

Here are the top 10 signs that you need to hire a Life Coach so you can have that mind-blowing relationship, rockin’ career, and go to yoga any damn time you want:

  1. 1. Your friends are sick of hearing about your problems (and you’re tired of talking about them).

It’s okay to dish about your problems, recent breakup, or crappy work day to your best friend. We all do it! But your friends are beginning to avoid conversation, and honestly, you’re sick of worrying about all this stuff in the first place.

The way forward: you need to hire a coach who is literally a professional at listening, asking the right questions, and moving you forward.

  1. You analyse from every angle, but spin on making decisions.

You’ve looked at your situation from every angle, added up numbers, written out pros vs. cons, but you still can’t make a decision. Even when you do make a decision, you’re worried you won’t trust it and have regrets.

Life coaching will help to talk it out, get in touch with your intuition, and make solid decisions you can be proud of.

  1. Your relationship drama is sucking all your energy.

If you’re endlessly sobbing into your glass of merlot over a bad breakup, are too shy to ask the sexy barista out on a date, or are starting to lose hope for love, then it’s time to get help.

You do deserve a loving, passionate relationship!

  1. You’ve gained 20 pounds.

If you’ve gained a lot of weight recently then either your body, mind, or life is out of balance in some way. You could be stressed out, unmotivated, too busy, or putting your own self-care last.

Life coaching will help you get your priorities in order, give you a kick in the butt and get you back in those skinny jeans in no time!

  1. Something happened, and you miss the confident, carefree girl you used to be.

You can remember a time when life felt easy breezy when you were 3D, full of color, BAM! But now you’re 2D, black and white, a little rougher around the edges. You don’t feel as confident because you went through a crappy breakup, made a bad career move, moved to a new city, or have been stuck way too long.

Your life is pretty damn good. Things have been going your way lately, and everyone thinks you have your shit together. Maybe they’re even envious of you. But secretly you fear something bad is going to happen, you let perfectionism take the reins, and comparison ruins your good vibes. This is the WORST.

You can learn actionable tools to let go of self-doubt, worry, and perfectionism.

  1. You should be further along in your career by now.

You know you have a ton of potential, but something’s stopping you. You don’t get paid what you’re worth. You don’t leave your job even though you know it’s a terrible fit. You don’t apply for that interview that would be a dream come true.

Sometimes you just need a little self-esteem picker-upper. Life coaching reminds you of your awesome talents and gives you a plan forward.

  1. You keep talking about how stuck or broke you are.

Okay if you’re endlessly broke or stuck, you need a life coach. These are patterns you need to break free from ASAP, even though you think you can’t afford it. Period.

  1. Your lack of social life and hobbies makes you feel pretty boring.

All your friends Facebook feeds are full of glamorous vacations, drinks out with the girls, or that paint night they just signed up for. Meanwhile, you’re sitting in your apartment watching re-runs of old Friends episodes and planning for a weekend of running errands…again.

Coaching helps you to uncover your passions, realize new hobbies, and boost your confidence to get on out there. 

  1. You’re always worried about what other people think of you, and it’s exhausting.

You worry about everyone and everything. The Instagram picture you just uploaded of your boyfriend: “what’s he going to think?” The text you just fired off to your friend without rewriting it: “oh crap!”. The dress you just picked out for a networking night: “will I fit in?”

Life coaching will help you to value more of what you think about yourself versus what everyone else thinks about you.


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