When it comes to achieving your goals, your mindset is key. Nothing sabotages success faster than a lack of belief in yourself and your abilities. This is because our beliefs shape our immediate reality and they have the ability to lift us up to achieve our goals or hold us back completely. The difference lies in whether you are moving forward with self-belief or feeling stuck by limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are assumptions about yourself and your abilities that hold you back from achieving your goals. These beliefs are rooted in limiting perceptions which are often not based in reality and constrain you in fear. This holds you back from realising your true potential and moving forward in your life with success. Limiting beliefs are obstacles, however, they also present an opportunity to grow. When you confront these beliefs with clarity, honesty and self-love, you will be able to break free and achieve your goals. 

These are 5 common limiting beliefs that will hold you back and how to reframe or challenge them:

  1. I don’t have enough time 

This is the most common limiting belief that holds people back from achieving greatness. To quote Edmund Burke: “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little;” in other words, even if you can only set aside a small amount of time to achieve a certain goal, that amount of time is better than nothing. 

Reframe this limiting belief by understanding that time is created and can be managed to create space for your goals and dreams.  

  1. I don’t have the resources to be successful 

It is true that internal and external resources are needed to be successful. However, a common limiting belief is to ‘blame’ a rack of external resources, such as money or accessibility to mentors and skills, for remaining stuck. Similarly, many people fall into the limiting belief that they don’t have the skills or even personality to make their goals a reality. At the end of the day, it is important to understand that there will often be roadblocks on our path to success. However, we all have the ability to ask for help and push forward in the face of adversity.

Challenge this limiting belief by reaching out for help or guidance, while also nurturing your internal resources, such as determination, problem solving, resilience and passion.  

  1. I’m not someone who follows through 

This limiting belief can also be: I procrastinate too much. The reality is following through and procrastination are symptoms rather than personality traits. Whether it is a failure to launch or a failure to follow, the common causes are:

– Fear

– Lack of desire 

Challenge this limiting belief by asking yourself: what am I afraid of? If you still can’t put your finger on what is holding you back ask yourself: Do I really want to achieve this, or do I think I should achieve this goal? This will help you build clarity and refocus your purpose. 

  1. I’m not good enough

Many people struggle with self-worth and self-confidence issues. It is often a large part of what holds them back from achieving their goals as they accept negative beliefs about themselves as fact. The truth is if you have a drive and passion to do something, there is a strong chance you are also good enough to achieve that goal.

Challenge this limiting belief with self-reflection; why do you believe you are not good enough? What evidence is there to support this? What evidence is there that this is not true? Once you truly understand where this belief is coming from it is time to replace it with a personalised positive affirmation to counter it. A good example is: “I am worthy of all my dreams and have the power to achieve my goals.” 

  1. I fear to be successful 

Many people actually hold themselves back because they have a limiting belief around success. They feel safe in their comfort zone and the responsibilities or expectations that come with success feel frightening to them. 

Reframe this limiting belief by recognising that just outside of your comfort zone, is the stretch zone and this is where the magic happens. Furthermore, welcome the perceived responsibilities and expectations that come with success by embracing your abilities to rise to the occasion in the name of your goals. 

With practice and self-reflection, you can break down your limiting beliefs and reach a mindset of success. You have the abilities to achieve your goals and realise your greatest potential – but, first, you have to believe!  


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