Being of a certain age, and a dedicated observer of all things image and fashion

Is it me, or are we senior folk getting younger in our outlook? It used to be we could define our older previous generation by the way they dressed and acted, not any more it would seem. 50/60 is the new 40. So is “dressing your age” really age appropriate in today’s multi media world we are part of? there seems to be no defining of age, it’s all got a bit blurred, the chalk marks on the tailors fabric have got a bit smudged now men in there 60’s can and do look younger than some in their 40’s possible with the aid of potions, lotions and moisturizers not to mention plastic surgery, fillers and Botox of which I am not against, but I do like to see lines it defines us, shows we have lived and have the scares to prove it. The way we interact and share with others across all social groups the very fabric of how we define ourselves by the the way we are dressing, shopping, dinning and social media says to me we are coming of age….

I come from the potion that in order to look good on the outside you have to feel good and look good on the inside, be happy and love who you are as person not defined by what job you do or how much money you have, to be rich within and give of yourself is the ultimate pay rise!

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