If you’ve ever tried to quit a bad habit or establish a new one, you know that change takes time. When it comes to creating change in our own lives, we cut ourselves some slack because we know that change is a process. And yet when it comes to our customers, we impatiently hurry them through the process. We try to persuade people to act before they’re ready.
The result is a failed marketing strategy.

The alternative is to understand where your audience or prospective customer is in their change process and to meet them where they are. Here are seven stages people can progress through as they alter their opinion or behaviour.


1. Acknowledgement
Recognition of the problem or unmet need.
2. Awareness
Acceptance that change is desirable and possible results in the investigation of potential solutions.
3. Agency
Motivation to change or decide intensifies.
4. Adoption
Decision to commit to a particular solution is made.
5. Action
Action taken results in behaviour or perception change.
6. Adherence
Sustained behaviour change results in habit creation, compliance or loyalty.
7. Advocacy
Success results in the development of brand affinity and product evangelism.

We can’t begin to influence people unless we’re prepared to meet them where they are on their journey. Courtesy of The story of telling

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