The apartment above was having new windows installed. The banging and disruption to my day was accepted as what was needed to get the job done (unlike some of my neighbours who are entirely oblivious to anyone else living here with clunking and banging made on a regular daily basis!).

At last, the job was completed peace was restored. Shame the contractor, left in his wake a path of dust and debris running the length of the communal hallway all the way to the front entrance. This was all more apparent as the cleaners had been the day before to do their weekly hoover and cleaning!

It amazes me that people only focus on doing their job and leave in their blind spot the critical task, the job of going beyond the job. What would it of taken to clean and hoover the hallway after you have finished, what message would that be sending out about you as a tradesman? Thoughtful, tidy, respectful, caring come to mind.

A note was left on the front entrance:

To whom it may concern
As the hallways were only cleaned and hoovered on Thursday (besides the point). It would have been thoughtful, respectful and polite to the fellow residents for the contractors concerned that left the ensuing mess to have cleaned/hoovered the carpet after they had finished. We all have duty to be mindful that we use a communal hallway and should respect it.

This isn’t just a story about the missed opportunity to go beyond the job. It’s also the story of the missed opportunity to find meaning and pride in being the best you can possible be. The thoughtful act (cleaning and hoovering up after you have made the mess) that would have taken a little effort but has the power to change not just the receiver, (the fellow residents) but the giver too. And when it’s withheld, it costs more than we realise to both giver and receiver.

Let’s look at it front a new perspective, seen from a different trademen with the resident and client brought into focus and removed from his blind spot. How might have he approached it.

A card attached to the entrance might have read;

This thoughtful act, this card that  would of cost with a couple of pictures and a message a £1 to pruduce would have left a stronger message and sparkle than the windows installed.

Every thing we do sends a message and communicates who we are, who we stand for and what our values are.

The upside to this act would of been, that I am moving in a couple of months to a new appartment that needs new windows. Seeing beyond the job and bringing into focus what’s in our blind spot for an outlay of a £1 could have netted a sale of £4000!

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