There’s that old saying, “if it ain’t broke, then it doesn’t need fixing!” Or does it? How many of us have used that statement to convince our-self to put up with and tolerate a life that’s not working? I don’t like the word ‘fixing’ not in coaching anyway. We come from the premise in coaching that people work perfectly. So, therefore, no one is broken or needs fixing.

We are all busy doing what we are doing (sometimes on autopilot), executing our strategies perfectly. But the strategy, plan, creation, whatever you want to call it, maybe poorly designed, ineffective and uncertain in its outcome.

"The romance of what has gone before has always been more appealing to me than the uncertainty of the future"

That is a comment a client made during a coaching session about her future. Do you live in the romance of the past or the future? I must admit I have had plenty of clients who do.

Romantic view

Do you have a romantic view of what your future could look like? Who you want to be, what you want to do and have in the next chapter of your life? Those postcard images of lying on a beech, laughing and having fun with friends over a meal, maybe it’s about taking up a new hobby or heading in a new direction with a job that stimulates and combines purpose and meaning or whatever your reinvented life means for you.

The romance of what has gone before can keep you stuck in a story that no longer serves you

As well as the future, some people have a romantic view of the past and operate from a strategy of living their lives there? They make ‘past’ comments like, “I wish It could be like it used to be”, “I should’ve done this”, “If only I had taken that opportunity, my life would be so much better.”

WARNING: These limiting beliefs keep you in a conversation routed in a past that no longer exists. Don’t waste time re-running old romances wishing life was just like it used to be.

You are not your past story. It’s like ‘driving a car looking through the rear-view mirror’, a car crash waiting to happen? You have the ability daily to rewrite your script to reinvent it. You are in control of your life, no one else, and no one can make you do anything without your consent.


We run our lives by the script and the stories we tell our-self. These deep, well-worn stories with all the dreams, dramas, and upsets of your daily life, were embedded when you were very young; they’ve become part of you. And come from stories you were told of your past. From your parents, guardians, teachers, personal experiences, and anyone who influenced you all played a part in crafting the scripts that created your stories. And, each of these stories has a role to play, defining moments, snapshots in what you think you can be, do or have?

And, many of these stories are out of date, invalid and no longer true. But some people hang on to them, like a well-worn clock ticking away in the background. They become used to their story; they attach meaning and relevance to them. But, in reality, it creates an unconscious image of who they think they are and limits and restricts their thinking and ability to create and reinvent their future.

Limiting beliefs

As adults, we repeat our stories to our-self via our self-talk. They are acted out in our heads. These limiting beliefs and negative self-talk take centre stage, creating emotional highs and lows worthy of any ‘Hollywood blockbuster performance.’

It may only take a passing comment from someone to raise the curtain for this performance to start. You know, the one made by your mother or father, the school bully who made your life hell, and let’s not forget the rejection you felt when your first true love was stolen from you by your best friend.

Of course, this romance can also be of the positive kind, remembering your mother hugging you and telling you it will ok. Having the courage and belief to stand up to the bully and discovering that your first true love was, in fact, not love at all and a lucky escape!

Summing up

As you can imagine before we can successfully create and reinvent your future. We may have to unwind and unpack a past experience. As a coach, I get the chance to re-visit that script, rewrite it, and do something different, change negative beliefs that don’t serve you anymore that prevent you from moving forward to creating your reinvented life.

If you are in your fifties and feel the clocks ticking, you are at a crossroads in your life and uncertain of the direction to take. Maybe it’s time we had a chat about how I can help you create and reinvent your future.

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