“The romance of what has gone before has always been more appealing to me than the uncertainty of the future”.

That is a comment a client made during a coaching session. Do you live in the romance of the past? I must admit I have and plenty of my clients as well.

We run our life by the script and the stories we tell our-self. These deep routed well-worn stories embedded with all the dreams, dramas, and upsets are acted out in our head, defining moments, and snapshots like a broken clock frozen in time bringing this romance to life.

It may only take a passing comment from someone to raise the curtain for this performance to start. You know, the one made by your mother or father, the school bully who made your life hell, and let’s not forget the first true love that was stolen from you by your best friend.

Of course, this romance can also be of the positive kind, remembering your mother hugging you and telling you it will ok. Having the courage to stand up to the bully and discovering your first true love was, in fact, not love at all and a lucky escape.  

You are not your past story. It’s like ‘driving a car looking through the rear-view mirror’, a car crash waiting to happen? You have the ability daily to rewrite your script to reinvent it. You are in control of your life, no one else, and no one can make you do anything without your consent.

The romance of what has gone before can keep us stuck in a story that does not serve us anymore.

Uncertainty of the future is part of life; it’s what makes it appealing. Embrace it don’t waste time re-running old romances wishing life was just like it used to be.

And just like ‘Doc’ said to ‘Marty’ in ‘Back to the future’. “Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.”

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