I read in a Sunday newspaper that one journalist is already experiencing lockdown nostalgia. He can see lockdown dissolving before his eyes. He is not alone; here in the UK, the majority of Britons would prefer lockdown to continue.

A recent poll finding that when the question was asked: “Do you prefer life under lockdown to normal life?” Only 38% of people replied “no”. The other 62% were rather enjoying themselves.

Some 15% preferred everything or most things about the lockdown, and 47% preferred many aspects of lockdown to normal life. There was a multitude of reasons: they preferred working from home, being with their families; they liked hearing the birds sing, the lack of traffic on the road and were even dreaming more when they were asleep. No mention of catching a life-threatening virus!

I wonder how many people dreamed of not going back to their old way, their old habit? How many long for a fresh start?

We all suffer from an incurable condition. It is called being alive and being human. I just wonder how long it will take for us human beings to return to our hard wired old habits, you know the ones that have taken years even decades to perfect, the stories we tell ourselves how these habits serve us daily (so we think).  

Mind you not all habits are bad, brushing your teeth, exercise and not smoking are good ones in my book. Maybe the tall skinny macchiato you get served every morning by the pretty assistant at Starbucks is not such a bad habit, or is it?

What habits do you have that don’t serve you? And what are you going to do about it? After all, there must be a payoff, a reward for keeping this habit going otherwise, why are doing it? What’s the story you are telling yourself that’s keeping you in this habit?

We run our lives by the script we have written for it, you know, the story we tell ourself daily about what is accessible and possible. We also tell ourselves a story about what isn’t possible?

The only reason you have not got what you want out of life is because of the story you tell yourself about it. You are getting in the way of you, your hopes and dreams.

I hear it all the time people telling me what their “Hopes and dreams are” when I press them; why it’s not in life right now, why they don’t have it? They can’t give me an answer. A client once told me on completing her dream that “I was a dream maker I turn people dreams into reality.” I like that.

As a coach, my job is to uncover and raise my client’s awareness about what is possible, what is stopping them making a fresh start?  What are they getting in the way of?

As Walt Disney said, “All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.


Dreams + courage = Fresh start

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