I heard the sad news this morning that Meat Loaf passed away at the age of 74

Now that I’m in my 60s, I do the same thing every time I hear of someone dying over my age. I count backwards (usually on my fingers!), subtracting their age from mine.


By then, I’m in a complete state of shock, and I have to sit down with a stiff drink because usually, it’s no more than a handful of years left!


Then my memory kicks in (nobody bloody asked it to!), bringing to my attention a past event precisely that amount of time ago and informing me, “That seemed like only yesterday?” And sending out a warning siren “YOU HAVEN’T GONE LONG LEFT MATEY.”

Don't Panic

At this point, I hit the panic button, the flight or fight adrenaline and dopamine stuff kick in, and I’m thinking sh*t, I better get my sh*t together and get on with creating this exciting life I keep banging on about (easier to tell others what to do, than doing it yourself!).

On the other hand, If I read that somebody has died at the ripe old age of 106 and after doing the working out (using the calculator on my phone because I have run out of fingers!) I am relieved that I still have plenty of time to create my exciting life.

Bucket list

Of course, I have no idea when the actual day the pearly gates will open their doors for me (maybe they will say sorry we can’t find the key!). I could buy into that adage of “living each day that it’s your last”, but honestly, with bills, mortgage/rent to find how many people can find the time and day to live their last day…


Can you imagine ringing up your bank manager and saying, “Sorry, I won’t be putting any money into my account today because I’m just doing the things on my bucket list and living each day as it’s my last?”

Reached your 50s

By the time you have reached your 50s, you have probably come to know yourself pretty well. But, unfortunately, time is perceived differently after 50. People begin counting backwards, thinking in terms of years left to live. 


But that may be 40 years or more, and how you choose to live those years and how magnificent you make them is down to your mindset. What was once thought impossible is now possible. It’s all down to what you believe you are capable of achieving.


And now that you are in your 50s, anything is possible – creative rebirths, business start-ups, going back to college or university, a plunge into politics (sorry Boris), bailing out of a bad marriage, new permission for reinvention, fun and second chance romances, or reigniting and connecting the passion in a seasoned marriage.

Your Headstone

Of course, the increased life span alone does not promise a rich second half of our life. The added years are merely a blank headstone; it’s what is chiselled and inscribed on it that makes the difference.


So, what would be on yours? Take some time to think about it and write down what you want others to read on your headstone? Then, think about where you are right now with your life and are you creating those stepping stones towards it?


Reinvention is about discovering who and where you are in your life, but more importantly, it’s about planning and creating where you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to have.


Right now, you have the opportunity to make a conscious decision about how you will spend the next 10,20,40 years of your life. Don’t underestimate the power of that decision to create and reinvent it.




And please don’t make that decision too late. But, unfortunately, if you have? The  chances are you will be lying on a mortuary slab. And that won’t cut it (sorry for that, I couldn’t resist it).



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