What’s your image saying about you?

Your image is important, what you wear and how you wear it communicates who you are, who you are being. It’s your shop window on the world for all to see and judge.

So your image needs to be consistent, does your brand represent you?  The questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How do I want to come across (events, speaking engagements etc)?
  • How do I want to be seen?
  • What impression am I making?
  • Is my image congruent with who I am being?
  • Am I comfortable with this image?

When I am coaching/consulting someone about their image the questions I ask them are:

  1. How are you doing it right now?
  2. What do you have in your wardrobe at present that you can utilize?
  3. What do I need to get rid of that’s not me?
  4. What could help in the future, new clothes, hairstyle, teeth, cosmetic surgery?
  5. What other resources, stylist (both clothes and colour), hair, make up (women and men)?
  6. Your body (ideal weight), tone?
  7. Health, vitality, diet?

I always video my clients and tell them to buy themselves a cheap tripod to fix their phone to and video themselves because we want to see what our audience see from the other side of the lens you will be surprised what we communicate.

Again, it’s not just about what you wear, but how you wear it, you must own it, you have to be comfortable in it. It must represent who you are and give you the confidence and attitude to be you. When you get someone with confidence they wear it with attitude and conviction, I’m sure If they put on a bin liner they would wear it and own it!

And the more you get it right (you will get compliments) the more confident you feel.

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Reputation or persona of person, A company OR Appearance as seen in a mirror or through a lens.
We are the author of our lives.  The stories we have told both fiction and non-fiction about ourselves, the beliefs (some limiting), thoughts and opinions all go into that great autobiography that shapes and rules us and is displayed in our front window for all the world to see. Our image, maybe not all admire, some even dislike what the see, but we are on the inside behind the counter and rarely step outside onto the pavement to view what our readers see.  Welcome to the fascinating world of body language. What I like to call the “unsaid communicated” the 93% of our non-verbal communication that goes in our shop window along with our image we portray to the world. To the untrained in the art it can send the wrong message, from what we wear and a how we wear it, to not smiling, a lack of eye contact, posture, facial expressions and voice tone, can all be misleading and interpreted incorrectly! Ever said yes with your words but your body was saying no? The good news is there is help on hand to educate you in this fine art……….