People don’t buy your widget, your app, your code, your smart phone, your music player, your homemade cupcakes, your fresh flowers, your candles, your music, your computer, your front row seats, your business-class flights, your graphic design, your printing, your accountancy practice your coaching.

According to leading neuroscientists, 95% of all thoughts, emotions, and learning occur before we are ever aware of it. Yet, most marketing efforts forgo the vast subconscious and instead target the rational, conscious mind. If you want to get ahead of your competition, it’s time to stop selling to the 5% of your customer or clients brain!

People don’t only buy your benefits, and features, they buy how it makes them feel. You have to appeal to the thinking-feeling emotions of your customer or client.

We don’t just persuade people to act. We move them to act. The way we do the work, not just the work itself, Is how we own our story



Storytelling is as much about showing as it is about telling. The story is your advantage.

The story you tell about whatever you do or sell, that translates into how it moves your customer, your client, how it makes them feel is the narrative they want to hear. They, in turn, will tell that narrative to themselves, their friends, family, work colleagues, social media.

So tell a good story

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