Legally Blonde Redux: From Lawyer To Burlesque Dancer

Second act stories podcast with Andy Levine

Lora Cheadle went from practising law in the insurance industry to burlesque dancing. We’re not making this up. Actually, that’s only a piece of what she does. Lora is also an author, a hypnotherapist, a podcast host and her favourite self-coined term: a life choreographer. But burlesque is a big part of her second act story.

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In her Second act stories podcast with Andy Levine Lora give us two pieces of advice

Give yourself the permission to experiment and to fail. There were many classes I took that I didn’t end up liking. There are many paths I started to go down thinking this is going to be amazing, this is going to be it. You will spend money energy and it is ok, give yourself permission to fail and experiment.

The second piece of advice is to always trust your truth. Go back into your gut and ask yourself those questions, Is this fulfilling me? What is my original intent? What do I want to create?  Who do I want to be? How do I want to feel? Is this helping me get there or not? And to realise you are not going to get there overnight. But just keep checking in and giving yourself permission and moving into it. We all get so locked into its A-B. No, it’s somewhere in-between.

After watching her show, the audience would often share, “What they wished they were brave enough to do but didn’t”.

You can listen to Lora podcast with Andy Levine here:

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