I’m sure you have heard the saying ’Life is a journey you never know where it can lead’. But, if you think of your life as a journey down the road, with all it’s bumps, twists, and turns and add in the fact that you don’t know where you are heading (this is how a vast amount of people operate their lives never knowing what is around the next bend). The scenery might be pleasant, but after a while, you begin to see that it is being repeated. Wait a while, and the same comes around and around again. Then you come to a branch in the road. Actually, there have been branches all along the road, but you haven’t noticed them.

We live our Life on the road most of the time unconsciously, have you ever arrived home from work and you put the key in the door, and you don’t remember the journey back at all? I could guarantee you would have remembered it if there had been an accident or a hold up you would have been fully conscious of relating the story when got in the door.

What would it have been like if you would have been fully conscious when you reached that branch in the road? What if you had a coach to alert you that kept you on the right course, that helped you change direction ever so slightly one that diverges just a little from your original.

Your first reaction is to think, ‘huh! Hardly worth doing.’ It might only seem that the change is only a small one in the short term. But the longer you travel on this new road with all its challenges and experience you encounter the further away from the original unconscious road you get. After a year, you will be in an entirely different country. This will be so even if you never made another change.

The larger the change in direction, the shorter the time it will take to come to new scenery. Even the slightest change in direction will take you on a different journey if you persist. You just need to keep on that new road, even though the old one may call you back with seductive promises, those familiar and unconscious comforts that don’t serve you well any more. ‘The devil, you know,’ you hear, blowing down the road ‘is better than the devil you don’t know.’ But is there a devil on the new road?

A coach can help you achieve and keep you on that new road. One of the favourite coaching mantras is ‘A coach will take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the shortest possible time’. So what would you like to change? What’s the shortest route you want to take to get to your destination?

What is the role of a coach in this process? A coach does three things:

  1. Shows you the road you are on raises your awareness about what is possible.
  2. Point out the choices and helps you take the new road.
  3. Helps you persist and stay focused on the change

In general, Life is a series of small decisions. A big change is often made up of little changes saved up for the right moment. Think of when you achieved something, maybe learning to drive, you didn’t just get in a car having never driven one before and pass your test. You took lessons, one at a time, little changes in learning saved up for the right moment for when you took your driving test.

Each decision we make either keeps us on the same comfortable unconscious road or takes us on a journey with all it’s bumps, twists and turns towards what we truly want and desire. Coaching helps us become more self-aware of what is possible, helps us become more conscious, and it helps us decide what is most important to us on the unique and individual journey of our Life.

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