Lizzie Fouracre, a 33-year-old Brit with a sparkling personality. Lizzie was living the dream helping to manage a fast-growing technology company in London started by her brother Tim.

And while the pace of a technology start-up was exhilarating, over time she found herself wanting more from life. So she quit, packed up a tent and sleeping bag and decided take a six-week hike around Great Britain. And in a eureka moment at the top of a mountain in Wales, she decided to create a new venture called The Humble Retreat.

She brought on a partner — her mother Mandy Fouracre — to help manage this (the two are pictured above). Eighteen months later, this mother-daughter team couldn’t be happier working together.

As Lizzie said. I’ve done a lot of interesting sort of retreats and workshops, and things in my life where you’re, you know, self-development, or learning about yourself, or other people. But this was truly the most healing thing I have ever done, because it was a simple as me, a tent, and just like peace, it was total peace. And it was during that time that I had, you know, this light bulb, never had it in my life moment, that where I was… it was so clear what I needed to do.

For anyone who isn’t feeling fulfilled in their work, what advice would you give them about exploring a second act?

“I think when you’re in something that you don’t know is right for you, you also probably have a hobby or an interest that you know is amazing, you really enjoy. So, I think starting to hone in on those other interests that bring you joy, to start taking them a little bit more seriously, and maybe less of a sort of label of hobby or interest. There’s a lot of pressure, again, with society that you have to live this certain life, 9 to 5, or more than 9 to five, or you know, flogging yourself until you’re ill or have a breakdown”

LIzzie Fouracre – The Humble Retreats

You can listen to the full podcast with Lizzie and Andy Levine from Second act stories here.

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary "
Steve Jobs
Founder of Apple

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