Now that you are in your late 40s. Is your life going to be a game of snakes and ladders?

Some of you will be on your way up to new and exciting heights, and others will be on a downward cycle.

By the time you reach your mid-to-late 40s, both men and women simultaneously undergo a period of change, transcending into the second half of their lives.

A massive shift takes place across lines as we grow older. As a result, women and men take on many of the characteristics of their gender opposite, each becoming something of what the other used to be. Have you noticed a change in your partner?

Studies have shown that men start to show greater interest in nurturing and being nurtured, expressing themselves creatively or altruistically, and becoming more sentimental and emotionally vulnerable.

Reverse direction

On the other hand, women across cultures age psychologically in the reverse direction. As they age, they become more focused, managerial, independent and political, to name a few. They feel their time has come. “This is my time to grow and contribute to the world!”


Men may not equate change with growth in the second half of their lives. Generally speaking, they associate change with loss, giving up, being overtaken, and failing. And ultimately, on a slippery downward slope to retirement, a life of slippers and playing golf beckons, and that might be appealing for some.


Alternatively, they can reinvent their second half to be as rewarding as their first. Their future doesn’t have to be a downward spiral.

On the other hand, women are developing a new belief system, one where they are creating a unique view in alignment with who they are and what they want out of life.

And now that they have reached their 50s and beyond. They’re ready to go out into their world and seize it – their future is on the way up. 

And there can be conflict. For example, the husband is now retired and wants a slower pace of life, and his wife is just itching to get out there and create an exciting new chapter herself. So no surprise, divorce rates are at an all-time high for the over 50s?

So, what does an exciting next chapter mean to you? Maybe it’s a: Creative rebirth, business start-up, going back to college or university, a plunge into politics (sorry Boris), baling out of a toxic relationship or reigniting and connecting the passion in a lifelong marriage. The list is endless?

Now that you are in your 50s. You have a choice? Are you on the way up or on the way down?

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