When a client comes to me for coaching, one of the first questions they ask is; “what can a coach do for me that I couldn’t figure out for myself?”

Now I could quote chapter and verse ‘what is life coaching?’ (you can see the definition under ‘work with me’ drop down ‘free resources’ in the menu above). But, I like to give a more descriptive version.

I ask them what is the most sophisticated and powerful machine they own? They usually answer their personal computer, or phone, or car. And I say “Do they all come with operating instructions?” they say “Yes.” I then reply they are wrong. Usually, they laugh at this point looking at me in amazement!

Think of a time when you bought a new mobile phone, and you were trying to set it up, but you were becoming frustrated because it wasn’t behaving or operating in the way you wanted. It wasn’t doing what it was meant to do! So you checked the instructions and found out how it operated.

When your car starts to play up you take it to the garage for an expert to look under the bonnet, The same with your computer, you take into the Apple Store (other computers also play up!) to let an expert look at it and check it’s operating system.

What If I was to tell you the most sophisticated computer you own, is YOU. And, it runs on an operating system that doesn’t come with any instructions! As a qualified coach, I get to work with clients to help them find out how they operate. What makes them tick? Why they think and act the way they do? We get to look at what’s operating well and not so well? And, we get to do something about it.

Think of a Life Coach as your personal operating expert.

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