O ne of the first things I always like to do with a new client who maybe is at a crossroad in their life or career is to do a DISC personality profile and Core values evaluation.

It amazes me the number of people who do not know what their values are and how they run their lives? When you live your life according to your values you are in harmony with who you are and what you stand for, It’s your true colours, your flag poll in the sand defining you as a person. Your values are also your yardstick on how you see and judge others? when a person violates one of your key values it’s can cause an upset, argument and stress!

Once you know what your top six – ten core values are (these are the ones that drive you and are the most important), and if you cross check them with your personality profile and see where the two align this is where your talent lies, this is where your in harmony, you’re being congruent and authentic to yourself. And of course, this will show up in your body language.


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