Woman found inspiring note and cash in Tesco handbag in 'random act of kindness'

  • A woman has shared her joy at ‘a random act of kindness’ after finding a note and cash in a new handbag she bought from Tesco.
  • When Clare Smith, 42, bought the handbag from her Tesco Extra in Hucknall she was stunned to find someone had put a little gift in the inside pocket, Nottingham Post reports.
  • Clare, who works as a private cleaner, picked out the handbag that was the only one of its style, and hidden right at the back, on November 21.
  • Clare said: “I’d been looking for a new bag and not seen one I liked but this one stood out.
  • “When I got it home, I was removing the packaging and putting my belongings in, and in a zipped pocket was an envelope.
  • Inside was the note and the money. It really shocked me.”

Now Clare wants to use the money for a good cause to brighten up someone’s day rather than spend it herself.

She added: ”It really wasn’t the money that got me though, but more the note. I’ve got it pinned up now.

“I’d love to know who it was – I’ve since been told similar things have happened before in Hucknall. It’s such a nice thing to do.

Hucknall Extra store manager Sam Johnson said: “This is a lovely gesture from someone spreading kindness and we’re really happy they brightened Clare’s day.”

No surprise relating to the above article and that ‘Clare’ “wants to use the money to brighten up someone else’s day rather than herself.”

Research has shown that if you do an act of random kindness to someone, statistically (over 60 percent) you will inspire that person to go on and do an act of kindness to some else, a domino effect. As I have always said as human beings we feed off each other.

In his book ’59 seconds’ Richard Wiseman advocates;

‘Tis Better to Give Than Receive. Long-term happiness is not just about gyrating around a pole to raunchy music, or plummeting towards the ground screaming like a baby. Ask people whether they will be happier after spending money on themselves or others, the vast majority will tick the ‘me’ box. The science shows that exactly the opposite is true – people become much happier after providing for others rather than themselves.

The good news is that you really do not have to divert a huge amount of your income to charity, friends, family and colleagues. In fact the smallest gifts can quickly result in surprisingly large and long – lasting changes in happiness.

A few pounds spent on other people may be one of the best investments you ever make. And if you really can’t afford to donate your hard earned cash, remember that carrying out five non-financial act of kindness on a single day also provide a significant boost to your happiness

So the next time you want to show a random act of kindness whether that be giving your seat up on the train, opening the door for someone, saying please and thank you, smiling or instead of that random text message wishing someone well done for that excellent piece of work go and buy them a cup cake or an apple. People will remember the ‘experience’ and ‘feeling’ it left them with long after the event has past.

Try it you might just make someone’s day.

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