Teetering on the Edge to Conquering the Cliffs: Jo’s Story

There’s a reason the term “mid-life crisis” exists. By the time we’ve reached our 50s, we’ve lived a lot of life. We’ve seen a lot of places, met a lot of people and worked countless hours. So naturally, this leaves us feeling burnt out, uninspired, and exhausted during a time in our life when we aspire to feel free-spirited and energized. Some get stuck asking themselves what might be next for them. Others feel driven to escape the monotonous chapter that they’ve been stuck in for a while.

No matter how your discomfort and discontentment present themselves, it’s important to recognize the value that lies in the years ahead and create momentum to work towards new, fresh goals. Feeling fulfilled is well within reach, and as a reinvention coach, it’s my job to help get you there.

Your first thought might be, “how?” How exactly do I help bored, burnt-out individuals create a future that excites them? And I wish it was that easy – if there was a magic formula or life hack I could share to help every fatigued 50-and-up redefine their goals and reinvent themselves, I would. But there isn’t, so my approach differs based on each individual in order to take their background, goals, interests, and struggles into consideration. So, what I can do is share examples with you to help you understand just how possible it is to reinvent yourself after 50.

Feeling exhausted...

Jo came to me feeling exhausted and run down. She’d spent decades in fast-paced advertising roles, which ultimately left her feeling like she had nothing but work, work, work to look back on. Turns out juggling clients, expectations, and endless deadlines can have that effect on people, and now Jo was feeling unsure of what she wanted for her future. She wanted to stay true to herself, but she didn’t know how to take the first step. 

Together, we took a step back to reflect on her value system and identify the interests that made her feel whole. For example, she was passionate about freedom, adventure, and travel, so I knew I had to create a plan for Jo to explore those things in order to feel complete and reenergized.

After my time with Jo came to an end, she decided to travel to South America, where she discovered a newfound love for rock climbing and bouldering. She immersed herself in the culture and even made friends with locals who showed her the ropes – no pun intended – and simultaneously reminded her just how much life can surprise you when you dare to leave your comfort zone.

As a reinvention coach, stories like Jo’s are a great example of how someone can go from feeling stuck to feeling unstoppable. It’s not always as easy as taking time off and booking flights. There are mental barriers that keep us from expanding our horizons and obstacles that can hold us back from greatness and potential. Working with a reinvention coach helps you work through those barriers, gain a better understanding of yourself, and provide you with the strength and knowledge to go after your interests.

Jo ultimately traded the feeling of teetering on the edge – burnt out and exhausted with little but work to reflect on – to conquering the cliffside – quite literally travelling across the globe in pursuit of her interests while also discovering new ones that made her feel whole again. Her story is just one of many that leave me feeling inspired as a reinvention coach and passionate about my own pursuit of helping others feel the same.

If you see yourself in Jo’s story and want to feel inspired and motivated to create the next exciting chapter of your life…

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