As I write this piece, I watch with interest the news on TV as hundreds of thousands flocked to beaches and beauty spots on England’s south coast this week to take advantage of the sweltering weather, prompting fears of a second peak with social distancing near impossible.

Now under normal circumstances, this would not be headline news. But given the present pandemic and the uproar from politicians and scientists about social distancing I can’t help but find myself torn between condemning the beach seekers and condoning them.

As a coach, I always look at a situation from another perspective from another viewpoint.

One view, we have the politicians and scientists asking us to be responsible and keep to social distancing. But, as one person when interviewed on the beach replied “I don’t know anyone who has caught COVID” I don’t feel its going to affect me. Another viewpoint.

So based on that evidence, the story this person has told himself was its a lovely hot sunny day lets go the beech for a paddle, and I’m not going to catch COVID. As humans, we view life seen through our lens and we find evidence to support that viewpoint. That evidence and the belief that supports it is entirely ours.

The dictionary definition says a belief is, “A principle accepted as true or real without proof. An opinion, a conviction”.

As the COVID restrictions are eased, and the unfortunate death toll declines, we can’t help but gather new evidence that changes our world view. As humans, it’s part of our DNA to want to be part of a group, to socialise and interact. No surprise we head for the beach.

So as a coach, I can’t help but condone my fellow humans for wanting to socialise and interact, But at the same time we must take responsibility for our actions as all actions have consequences. There is a genuine possibility that we are going to see a second wave? ¬†Do we blame our fun-loving beach flocking fellows for wanting to enjoy themselves? Will the politicians and scientists be pointing the finger and saying “I told you so”.

Coaching is all about seeing the bigger picture, the ‘what if’. “What if it wasn’t like this, what could it look like?” It’s a great question to ask because it frees up and encourages clients to lift their minds above their beliefs for a while and get a glimpse of what might be possible.

What have you taken responsibility for during the lockdown and what effect has that had? What’s the one thing you have learnt about yourself during this period of isolation? What is now possible that wasn’t before?

Stay safe

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