These are extraordinary times that call for extraordinary ways of thinking and doing. The ordinary way of doing and thinking has temporarily or may even be scrapped—the new rule book which is constantly being rewritten and updated.

Focus on what you can do

I continuously hear call-in radio stations people calling in to complain that the shelves are empty. One particular station I was listening to yesterday a caller rang in bemoaning about visiting the supermarket and saying ‘there is nothing on the shelves’,  “Nothing?” the radio presenter asked “nothing” they replied. When pressed again, the caller went into more detail. “Well they have no dry pasta, baked beans or toilet roll” was the reply. So, the presenter asked, “what do they have?” what do you mean the caller asked?  Well, the presenter said a typical supermarket would stock thousand of lines; you have mentioned three so they must still have lots of other products on their shelves. What are they? “Do they have fresh vegetables and fruit, do they have pulses like lentils and beans?” asked the presenter “Yes, they do” was the reply. So, there is still plenty on the shelves, would you agree? “I suppose so” replied the caller.  

So, what could you buy? What if we were to adopt a mindset and focus on what is on the shelves as opposed to ‘nothing on the shelves’. How would that be what could you do?” quizzed the presenter “I haven’t given it any thought” was the reply. The presenter asked, “Can I make a couple of suggestions?” You could make fresh soups even in bulk and freeze, and you could make your own delicious recipes just from the ingredients I have mentioned besides all the other hundreds of products that you have pushed your trolley past and never gave a second glance or thought too.

One of our basic human needs as human beings is that we want and need to interact and be part of a group; after all, as human beings, we all feed off each other. So, if you have children or a partner get them to help.

Its time to focus on what we can do, not on what we can’t do. The old ways of doing things are not in use at the moment. And maybe having learned new and different ways of doing things we may not want to return to the ‘old rule book.’

What else could you do? Now that you have the time (no excuses that you haven’t). Maybe it’s the perfect time to educate and add value to what you can do. what would you like to achieve?

A few suggestions:

Read some books, write a book, finish the book.

Learn something new, Language, a course (online) Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, to Cook, learn to play an instrument.

Take up a hobby—painting, model making, sewing, DIY.

The list is endless.

You may never have an opportunity like this with time on your hands to achieve something new. Grasp it with both hands and surprise yourself with what you might be capable of. There is no such thing as failure you have just not reached the end yet.

‘There is no rule book’ what does yours look like now? Let me know.

 As a very wise old gentleman once said to me. “Doing nothing is not an option, do something anything but do something.”

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