This Roger Lemons

I was out on my morning walk this morning (a beautiful day). And I met this chap. His name is Roger Lemons (apparently, he is the only one in the phone book!)

Roger decided three and a half years ago to lock up the house he owns in South Yorkshire, leave his car in the driveway and buy a boat. And, for the last three and half years, he has been travelling the waterways of Briton and has never been happier.

He said, “I get up every morning and am thankful for starting a new day. I get to go where I want (water permitting!) when I want. I get to stop off and make myself lunch or visit a pub and have a pint. Every day is a new view to me. I love it!”

This is a man who previously worked in far-flung places of the world from the Americas and Galapagos Islands, and he said, “this the best country in the world.”

Relaxed and happy

I have never met a more relaxed, friendly, happy individual – that’s high praise from me given the work I do. Unfortunately, I usually see the complete opposite traits in people.

Whilst Rogers’s lifestyle may not be to everyone’s taste, he is certainly living his version of a life that excites him. His relaxed, happy, and friendly demeanour was infectious. He looked fit as a fiddle and said he had never seen a doctor or had a headache in forty years! This coming from a man who is a year younger than me!

After leaving Roger chugging off up the canal, I must admit that it left me feeling wistful of life on the water and my idea that I shared at the weekend of a “coach on a boat” seems to be putting more wind in my sails every day (would even make a good channel 4 series?)

I always advocate. We are meant to meet the people we are meant to (Celestine Prophecy). And our paths cross for one of two reasons, either as a warning or a gift.

Rogers was a gift…

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