I was rummaging through my cupboard yesterday and came across this. It brought back memories.

Two weeks before Christmas and not a hob in sight?

It was two weeks before Christmas, and we were finishing off a clients kitchen. All that was left to do was fit the appliances. The only problem was they were nowhere to be seen? The delivery was running late!


Daily calls to the supplier were in vain. “Don’t panic,” they said, “they will be there before Christmas.” Little did I know those words would be hollow, just like the void starring at me where the hob should be.


Three days before Christmas, the panic was setting in. My customer started to feel anxious with twelve people for Christmas day lunch. “Will it be here before Christmas she asked?” Unfortunately, one final call to my supplier confirmed that Santa would not be making a delivery on Christmas eve with the hob.


Time for action

“What are we going to do?” my customer cried. This was a time for action. All the hot air and any blue-sky jargon wouldn’t get this Christmas day lunch cooked!


 At that point, I could have just shrugged my shoulders and said, sorry, out of my hands, nothing I could do about it. But that wasn’t going to cut it and get Turkey on the table!

A solution

“I have a solution, a temporary one,” I said. I will take out the hob from my kitchen and temporarily install it in yours to cook Christmas day lunch. 

And much to the relief of my customer, I’m glad to report lunch went off without a hitch.


Nothing to cook on

As the new hob wouldn’t arrive until early January, I had nothing to cook on? But I had another temporary solution. So, I headed off to the local DIY store and bought a stove.

So here it is after twelve years and still going strong. And other than a microwave, this single gas camping stove sitting in the space where my hob used to be was all I had to cook on over that Christmas. Luckily, I was invited out for Christmas day lunch, and friends rallied around, so I didn’t starve!

Moral of this story. It’s very easy to shrug our shoulders and say sorry it’s out of our hands, nothing we can do about it – we have all at some point been on the receiving end of a customer helpline and airline desks hearing those; infuriating words!  

Sometimes, we have to take control, get into action, and do something about it – doing nothing for my customer on Christmas day was not an option.

So, what about you? Is it time to create some space,  take control and do something about your life? If you don’t, who is?

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