Alexa once considered herself one of the best lawyers in the business. She worked during the week – and on many weekends, unfortunately – from a busy London office in mergers and acquisitions. I know, how glamorous? Err…not. After graduating from university, Alexa spent a few rotations as an intern and was eventually offered a permanent position at a prestigious city law firm. From the outside looking in, she was living the dream. In fact, this was the life she had dreamed of since before university. Having made it in this industry was no easy feat, and for many years, she was overwhelmingly proud of herself for having accomplished such a lofty goal. Her father was a lawyer, after all, which made this the obvious – albeit difficult – path to choose, but he certainly seemed happy.

Fathers Enthusiasm

Alexa eventually realised that when she reflected on her father’s enthusiasm for her job, he may have been more excited about it than she was. Did she truly love her job as a lawyer, or was she simply satisfied with a healthy pay check and a reliable career that many viewed as important?


While Alexa struggled with this dilemma over feeling discontent in her role, she spent her free time simultaneously dreaming about idyllic islands with white sandy beaches. Her favourite book, naturally, was Robinson Crusoe – ironic considering that Crusoe’s parents wanted him to pursue a career in law as well. But after 25 years in the same profession, Alexa took her daydreaming as a sign that she might have been burnt out. Late nights, early mornings, the wash, spin, dry, and repeat of her everyday life…is that all there is? She didn’t have any fruitful relationships, friendships, hobbies, or interests to show for it.

As she lay in bed at night, wondering where all of the magic of life had gone, her mind drifted to being shipwrecked on an exotic island. The sound of waves crashing against the rocks and the smell of salty sea air seemed to breathe life back into her. Alexa knew she needed a new direction for her life to get back on course, and she knew she’d need help to get it.

That’s when Alexa came to see me. After our initial intake session and getting to know each other, I asked her a very straightforward question – one which most people find difficult to answer: What do you really want?

After digging deeper into her background and diving into her values and beliefs, we uncovered exactly what Alexa wanted; she shouted out one day during our session as if it just needed to burst out of her, “I want to live and work by the sea!” For many, a long history of being told they need to prioritise a reliable job in a serious industry is what keeps them from feeling like this is possible. The idea of moving to a new place and building a life on a foundation of enjoyment and pleasure feels almost…off-limits.

For Alexa, she felt as though expressing her desire to focus on the joy of life was taboo and irresponsible. So, we explored and mind mapped how we could make this a reality for her. Finally, I asked, “What resources do you have to help you?” I love asking this question because it’s important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We all need help and support from others on our journey, and pausing to reflect on who and what we have available to us can fill clients with comfort and motivation to persevere.

Alexa’s face lit up. She remembered one of her Uni friends was now living on the coast and made it her mission to check in on this friend. After getting in touch with her, Alexa found out that her Uni friend actually had a connection to someone at a boutique law practice specialising in an area she had experience in. Could it be too good to be true? So often, we get discouraged thinking that the world is so small, we could not possibly find our place in it somewhere new, but that is seldom the case.

After several weekend visits to her friend, meeting the law practice connection, and exploring the area, Laura sunk her hooks into life on the beach. She decided then and there to leave her old life behind in exchange for one that filled her with life. She would no longer commute into the busy city like a sardine, stuffed into the shuffle with thousands of others.

Instead, she dared to live her dream; she now wakes to the sound of waves crashing against the rocks, the smell of salty fresh air in the breeze. The only sardines she encounters now are the ones she eats on the beach. And unlike Mr Crusoe, she has no desire to leave this life.

What about you?

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