What is it about the truth that people have a problem telling it, saying it, living it, being it?

As a coach, my job is about setting goals for my clients to achieve. I use the ‘GROW’ model

which is an anachronism for:

G = Goal

R = Reality

O = Options

W = Way forward

After a client has identified a goal they wish to achieve, we move on to the reality stage to see where they are at present with this goal. Reality or what I like to call the truth is where we unpack and define if this really is the goal they want?

It amazes me how many people do not live in reality and don’t tell themselves the truth about how it really is. The only place I can start to help clients achieve their goals is from this start point. No surprise then that when we tell ourselves the truth the goal that we thought we wanted turns out to be not what we want at all ! And, once we have recognized and accepted the situation for what it truly is (no worse or better) we can move forward with clarity, speed, and motivation to achieve the outcome. Remember, the important thing here is to reach my client’s ‘outcome’ (not mine) that may be labeled the ‘goal’ or it could be something completely different. This is where truth and reality really give clarity.

Truth and reality are the solid foundations and building blocks for accepting your present situation and a way forward to having the life, career, and relationship you want. Without it, your life will be built on a mixture of quicksand and rubble that eventually will start to crack and crumble around you.

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