There are two questions that are the foundations and building blocks that support a meaningful relationship. “Can I trust you” and “Do you really care about me”

The level of a relationship is determined by the level of trust? the deeper the trust, the deeper the relationship. A passing nod and wink then an hello, leads to a lunch then dinner, a weekend and then “can I stay over tonight”? can only be achieved with trust over a length of time. You can’t go down to the shop and buy some. It has to be earnt.

Do you really care about me? At this festive time of year with the spirit of goodwill, the wrapping and presenting of presents, how much care and thought have we really taken in the act of giving? I’m sure we’ve all had presents that we received that we know have had little or no thought attached to them! what’s the point?  and other times we receive a gift just out the blue maybe with a card saying “I was thinking of you and thought you might like this. That’s the true meaning of caring.

The giving of ourselves in a meaningful way with no agenda, no in order to is rare commodity these days. And, In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives where most people live life unconsciously without any care and thought for anyone other than themselves! is alas a commodity not worth trading in.


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