I used to fit kitchens and drive a white van! But, after twenty-five years of being a tradesman, I was bored, burnt out and wanted a new direction.


So, at the age of 60 I decided to hang up my tool belt and change the direction of my life completely. I reinvented myself. I became a coach.

I work with people to help change their lives – a change catalyst if you like. I have an unconventional background and approach to coaching.


I’m not an academic, and I don’t come from a teaching, HR or corporate background. I don’t use unnecessary diagrams, blue sky jargon or long, meaningful words to explain something that can be summed up in one sentence or one word. 


And I don’t buy into that coaching mantra. If you follow your passion and do what you love, crap. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for passion we need and crave it in our lives! But passion on its own won’t get you to where you want to be and pay the bills? For some, maybe, but it’s a coaching pipe dream nail in the coffin for most!


I love Lucy Standing from “Brave starts” excellent post “, The reason you hate your job — and what to do about it.” Here’s a snippet from it:


“Stop with the passion nonsense.

In an overly saturated market of people who’ve trained to become career and life coaches, you’ll have been promised the earth: I’ll help you find your calling! I’ll help you find a job you love! Life’s too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you! The problem with these messages is it raises a level of expectation which is not fair.”


Oh, dear! “An overly-saturated market!” No surprise that the ICF (International coaching federation) state that 82 per cent of coaches fail within the first two years.


Moving on to a positive note…

The average age expectancy in the UK has increased by 30 years over the past century. And now that you are in your 50s and beyond, what are you going to nail down on?


Older is bolder, and right now, you have an opportunity to make a conscious decision about how you will spend the next 5,10,15 years of your life. Now more than ever, you have the freedom (at last!) to make choices for yourself without guilt, apologies, or regrets.


And almost anything is possible – creative rebirths, business start-ups, going back to college or university, a plunge into politics (watch out, Boris), following your passion (sorry, I had to mention it!) and doing what you love are all possible.


But the increase in life span alone does not guarantee a rich reward – how boring would that be. The added years are merely a blank piece of wood; It’s what you carve and inscribe on it that makes the difference.


So, what difference do you want to make besides the passion and love?

Maybe it’s time to hang up your belt (hoping your trousers don’t full down) and find out…

Like what you hear.

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