I read an interesting article in Saga magazine – Saga.co.uk – this month by Rachel Carlyle. Each month they conduct an in-depth poll of Saga customers to find what there thinking. This month: Life after work.

The article was primarily focused on people retiring. And, yes, I do help clients with retirement planning; it’s often aligned with reinvention coaching.

In the article, Dr Martin Hyde, a gerontologist at Swansea University research shows that finding purpose in retirement is the key to happiness. That’s what people mostly miss about work, and that was reflected in their survey. Of the 21% of retirees who missed their jobs, 69% missed their colleagues, and 68% missed a sense of purpose. ‘There’s evidence that purpose is really important to maintaining health and wellbeing and how well you age.’ He says, ‘If you retire from an active job that engages you and you don’t replace that with other challenging activities, there will be cognitive decline.’


In the United States alone, more than thirty-one million people ages forty-four and seventy want what is often called an “encore” career – work that combines personal meaning, continued income, and social impact.

Jenny came to see me. She said, “I’m not ready for retirement; I’m only 62. I’ve been doing the same job for the past 20 years. I feel stuck, and I don’t want to do it anymore. I want to change, but I have no idea what that looks like – help!”

Firstly I got Jenny to take my free Design your reinvention – self-reflection questionnaire. Thirty-six questions to get her thinking about where she is now and where she would like to be? The link is below to take questionnaire.

I then review the results. I get her to look at her strengths, motivation, and what’s driving her need for change; we look at what’s missing and what she wants less of in her life? And more importantly, what does she want more of – to be curious, confident to try new things – to be happy, fulfilled, and true to herself.

Jenny decided to take my Reinvention Discovery programme. Together, we took a step back to identify and reflect on her values, beliefs and bust the myths that held her back. Next, we identified the areas that she is passionate about and aligned with her talents and skills. Finally, we created an outline of steps that moved her towards the life she wanted.

So what about you?

Do you feel “stuck” in your career just like Jenny?

Do you want to be curious, confident, and to try new things?

What if you were curious enough to find out?

Take the reinvention journey evaluation, find out where you are on the road to freedom

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