You are your shop window to the world and the author of your life, what stories have you written and displayed in your window for all to see?

 We are the author and experts of our life, the stories we have told both fiction and  non-fiction about ourselves, the beliefs (some limiting), thoughts and opinions all go into that great autobiography that shapes and rules us and is displayed in our front window though not all are admired, some even disliked by others, but we are on the inside and rarely step outside onto the pavement to see what our readers see all the world to view.
The stories and the scripts we have written and told ourselves,  ‘This is how it is’ are so often untrue and just made up inside our shop.  So – are some of the books in your window tattered and torn?  Maybe have no covers?   Are faceless and don’t tell your story anymore because the pages of our life are worn thin with the constant return to reaffirm that falsehood that doesn’t serve us anymore, and left you wondering if that new book inside your stockroom will ever be published?
Your stockroom within you is where the authentic, spiritual, passionate and engaging best sellers live and when you dust these editions off and proudly place them in your shop window for all to see you declare who you are, and what you stand for.  This is your true image and your body language will always communicate the true you.
‘The unsaid communicated’, the 90% of our non-verbal communication that goes in our shop window along with the image we portray to the world.  To the untrained in the art, it can send the wrong message through lack of confidence, not smiling, eye contact, posture, facial expression and voice tone.  This can all be misleading, interpreted incorrectly and can give you the wrong image.  Have you ever said yes with your words but your body was saying no?
The good news is there is help on hand to educate you in this fine art.


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