The time will come (hopefully) when this dreadful dark period will end. We will look back on this chapter as a reminder to how we came together to be more, resourceful, resilient and creative. Storys will be exchanged how we helped, supported and encouraged our fellow humans.

We will judge those leaders and captains of industry that did right by their workforce and community. We’ll also judge and bestow sentence with our wallets and loyalty on those captains who decided to take a selfish view.

Our way of life is more fragile than we thought. A life that was routine and dependable is now on hold. What we take for granted is no longer possible -perhaps we were too complacent, too eager to get the next thing done – now with more time on all of our hands given the lockdown we are learning new ways about what is possible.

My daughter tells me she is enjoying spending the time with her kids as they are with her learning to cook things they have never had before. I for one will be learning to play an instrument it’s a toss-up between the piano or a saxophone I haven’t decided yet, but, I think the decision will be made by a simple formula of noise = banging on the wall by neighbours when the urge to play at 2 am!

When you look back on this period of lockdown, what did you do? What will be the learning? Will, you feel a sense of achievement, having learnt a new skill, a language, an instrument, mastered the art of mindfulness or meditation. At the end of this forced imprisonment, what will you become? Hopefully, more rounded and compassionate towards your fellow human being would be an excellent place to start.

This time next year, how will you answer the question: What did you do? I hope the reply isn’t I watched shit loads of Netflix…

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