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Time to breathe

We never know what is around the corner, and life has a funny way of keeping us on our toes—tripping us up from one drama to the next. We are so caught up in the wash, spin, dry, and repeat cycle of our life that we forget to pull the plug out and take time out for ourselves to breathe.

Why the hell am I doing this

The typical day might start with that conversation. You know the one you’ve had every morning for the past decade with your-self in the bathroom mirror, about how your life has not turned out how you planned it. But, of course, that’s if you had a plan in the first place? Then, that question that keeps you awake at 3 am – “Why the hell am I doing this?”

Your “Why the hell” could be doing the same job for the past 20 years and trying to find the confidence to change.

Your “Why the hell” could be, “I’ve never thought about my life. I’ve just lived it from one task to the next.”

Your “Why the hell” could be, “I feel stuck in a rut, and I don’t know how to get out of it?”

As a reinvention coach, I hear the “Why the hell am I doing this” or variants of it all the time from my clients.

But It doesn't have to be like this...

All you need to do is know that you want to change your life. Of course, that’s easy for you to say I hear you shouting. But, remember, I was where you are right now, and yes, it takes having the confidence and the courage to take that first tiny step.

And maybe just reading this, I have raised your awareness, shined a light on an area you might not even have considered. Helped you to take that first step. Trust me. When you first learned to walk, you started with that tiny first step, then the second, then third and so on.

Everything you ever achieved started with a first step:

“That first step learning to ride your bike.”

“That first step asking that special one out on a date.”

“That first step applying for that new job.”

Everything you want to achieve in the future requires having the confidence and courage to take that first step. And having taken it, the next one becomes a little easier then the next building, one on top of the other. Because every time you take action, you move one step closer to your reinvented future.

And that’s where I can help; together, we can create an action plan to carry you forward to the life you want. I am a qualified and experienced coach will the skills and knowledge to help you change your perspective and bust the myths that have held you back. I will inspire, motivate and challenge you. I will support you so that you create a life you love.

What do you want?

What would your life be like if you were confident? Confident enough to change an area that’s not working? Imagine what your life could look and feel like?

What if you spent your time doing something you were passionate about? What if you were happy? I’m here to encourage you to be curious, to try stuff you’ve never done before, because what if your life could be different?

Reinventing your identity or discovering who you’ve become will empower you to live your life with passion, excitement, adventure and fun or whatever reinvention means for you.

I just heard on the news people are queuing up to live a rural life. “To get off the hamster wheel and breathe”, as one person described it.

First step

When are you going to step off the hamster wheel and breathe? What will be your first step towards your reinvented future? Well, no better place to start than by taking my free evaluation to help you take the first step towards living the life you want.

The wonderful thing about reinvention coaching is that the results are unique every time. It’s all about discovering who and where you are in your life. More importantly, it’s about planning and creating where you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to have in the future.

This free evaluation is designed to help you take the first step towards living the life you want: knowing that you want to change your life. It’s an opportunity for you to reflect. To spend a few moments searching your heart for how you truly feel. To contemplate what making some changes could mean for you and the next 20 years of your life.

Take my free evaluation, to help you take the first step towards living the life you want.

Finally, one last breath.

None of us knows for sure when we will take our last breath. That knock on heavens door will come at some point. I guarantee it, and without the aid of an accurate crystal ball, we don’t know when that will be – thank heavens!

But while you are still breathing, you have a huge say in your future. So, what are you waiting for? What do you want the next 20 years to look and feel like? More hamster wheel? Or more time off to breathe and live your life with passion, excitement and fun. The choice is yours…

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