What is life coaching?

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Coaching is a conversation between two people:

Coaching is about supporting individuals to create clarity and realise the potential within themselves. A coach walks alongside the client through the journey that they are taking, helping to create manageable actions to move towards their overall goal.

It aids getting from A-B perhaps quicker than you would on your own by asking pertinent questions and coaching models that have a certain amount of simplicity attached to them.

My job as a coach is to facilitate a goal-driven journey with the client. It is one of mutual respect. The coach’s role is to make sure that the client is completely responsible for their own outcome and to help them recognise that they have all the answers and resources to succeed. They are the expert in their life, not the coach.

The agenda of the coaching sessions are entirely up to the client. The coach will not instruct the client in any way shape or form in terms of what he thinks the client should be working on or how they should be approaching things or what they could be doing in order to be successful. That will all be coming from the client.

“It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question” budda.

Through open-ended questions, techniques, and skills the coach will unpack and draw out the answers from the client, thereby raising their awareness, challenging existing thoughts and beliefs to open up a new way of thinking and possibilities.

A coach holds a client to account, they must be committed to the coaching process, be ready, willing and able to take the necessary actions.

Coaching, at its most effective when it’s there to help facilitate the clients learning. It is action-orientated to move the client forward to where they want to be, rather than explore the current situation.

Once the client understands the situation and who they are, and what they can bring in relation to the situation, they can far easier work out the strategies to be understood.


‘Coaching begins with the end in mind.’

“We cannot solve our problems by thinking on the same level that we have used to create them” Albert Einstein.

‘It’s about raising a client’s awareness.’

Awareness; is perceiving things as they really are.

Self-awareness; conscious knowledge of one’s own thoughts feelings, and emotions. It is about recognition of the internal factors, assumptions, beliefs, judgments that distort your perception of reality; everybody looks at life through a different lens.

Reality creates awareness and self-awareness. It’s about the journey, not the destination; It’s about the learning you gain. It’s about the self-awareness you gain. The knowledge and understanding of who you are and what you want to be, are what drives your values and the beliefs that help them create a more purposeful and empowering life.

There are many different definitions of coaching, therapy, counselling, mentoring and consultancy. All those involved in this range of activities will have a slightly different perspective on how and what each seeks to achieve and the exact words to articulate the precise differences between them!



The following might help differentiate between the disciplines:

The 5 D’s

A Therapist might work with those who are seen as damaged or dysfunctional in some way as a result of previous trauma/experience, which makes their day to day lives very difficult.

A Councillor might work with those who are experiencing significant levels of distress which is impacting on their everyday life.

A Mentor might work with those seeking direction from someone with experience and knowledge in the same area.

A Consultant might work with an individual or group of individuals looking to diagnose the problems they are facing and recommend the solutions to their challenges.

A coach works with clients around their desire to move forward in their lives and achieve their ambitions. A coach takes you from where you are now to where you want to be in the shortest possible time, by setting goals that have clear aims and objectives towards which to channel your efforts and energy.

  • Coaching is non-critical
  • Coaching is non-judgemental
  • Coaching is confidential

Coaches work on solutions, not problems

What the client can expect from their coach

  • Agenda belongs to the client
  • Equality in the relationship
  • Confidentiality
  • Openness and honesty
  • Support and encouragement
  • Inspire motivate contribute to the coaching relationship

What the coach requires from their client

  • Equality in the relationship
  • Confidentiality
  • Openness and honesty
  • Responsibility and accountability for the achievement of actions
  • Be committed to the coaching process

“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves” Galileo Galilei

Inspire, motivate and create your future

You will leave our sessions with a clear idea of your next steps. You will have the confidence, support and accountability to succeed.

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