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A Definition of  life Coaching

A purposeful conversation between two people, that inspires
them to step out of their comfort zones and take the initial steps
towards doing what they want and being who they want to be.
Life Coaching is a profession that is completely different from counseling,
advice, consulting, or therapy. The coaching process examines what is going on
in the person’s life right now, unpacking what their obstacles or challenges are,
and formulating a course of action to help them achieve the things that they
want in life.
A life coach will provide a safe and empowering space for individuals to identify
the ways that they want to improve their life and then create goals that are
positive, future focussed and inspiring. They will help to break down these goals
into manageable steps to help the person transition from where they currently
are, to where they want to be.
They will actively listen and offer challenge and thought provoking questions to
help the person develop a deeper understanding of themselves. Furthermore, a
life coach will also provide accountability and challenge the person’s
perspective, helping them to step outside of their comfort zones.
Life Coaching is different from counselling where sessions focus mainly on the
person’s past, in order to bring about understanding and healing. It is also
different from mentoring or advice – the life coach’s goal is not to tell the person
what they should do or how to live their life. It’s about being a facilitator that
empowers the person to identify the changes that they would like to make and
then helping them through the process of achieving these goals.
Life coaching is about asking questions and offering a range of skills that
empower the person to find the answers within themselves.
Coaching is Non-critical  Non-Judgemental  Coaching is confidential