What is personal coaching?
Put simply; coaching is a conversation or series of conversations; one person has with another.
Why do people choose life coaching?
Coaching makes a valuable contribution to the process of helping people to experience life the way they want to experience it. For some people, coaching can literally change their lives for the better. With the support of a coach, people can make clearer judgments about situations, learn more from experiences, make better choices and take more effective decisions or actions.
For lots of us, life can be difficult. We place tremendous pressure on our selves to have a lot, do a lot, and be generally successful in those areas of life we consider important. That might be having a great job, a great relationship, financial freedom-generally living a fabulous life.
I’m not going to ague whether that is right or wrong, but what I do believe is that coaching is a valuable counterbalance to the pressures and demands of everyday life.
By engaging the services of a coach. We can begin to focus on what is really important to us based on our values and the beliefs we hold around them and be congruent with who we truly are.

The coaching relationship. The role of a coach provides a kind of support distinct from any other. A coach will focus solely on your situation with the kind of attention and commitment that you will rarely experience elsewhere.

If you imagine yourself being coached, you will perhaps appreciate why so many people engage the services of a coach. This person, your coach, will listen to you, with curiosity to understand who you are, what you think and generally how you experience the world. Your coach will reflect back to you, with the kind of objective view that creates real clarity. During conversations, your coach will encourage you to rise to challenges, overcome obstacles and move into action.

By having this type of conversation it raises our awareness and brings into focus areas that were in our ‘blind spot,’ and by doing so, you start to view things differently and become aware that there are many options available with endless possibilities. After all, you are the expert on your life and have all the resources needed to succeed. A  good coach will ask good quality questions to extract it.

What’s most important during that conversation is you, your success, happiness, and ultimate fulfillment

How could a Life coach help you? Having worked to establish exactly what you want to achieve from coaching, those goals and objectives become the focus for the conversation. As a consequence, the only agenda happening in the conversation is your agenda. Which a coach will guard more closely than you do.

When you are ready to quit, no longer care that you want to get that promotion, get better at something, or change your lifestyle (just like I wanted to do) your coach stays committed to those goals.

When things don’t go well, your coach supports you. When you experience success, your coach celebrates your achievements. Your coach will also help you to pinpoint exactly what you did that worked so well so that you can do it again.

Little wonder then that so many people are finding that coaching relationships can help them develop and learn in ways that enable them to have or achieve what they really want.