Your image is your shop window on the world, so what’s in your window? what are you selling, more to the point, what they not buying?

In this day and age when it seems the world and its wife are trying to sell you something  (or say that they are not trying to sell something but really are),  we are getting selling and information overload, be it on the telephone, online, networking or even being approached in the street.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd?  Well, if you want to get noticed, win business and influence people you have to prep yourself both inside and out.  This is where understanding, detecting and decoding other people’s body language as well as sharpening your own can be a huge advantage.  Did you know non-verbal communication (body language) makes up a minimum 60% of communication ability – some say it’s up to 93%.  So, if you focus on your words, you are only using 40% of your ability.  You have to portray with confidence both your verbal and non-verbal content.